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Key-value stores from Redis point of view

This post was supposed to be about graph databases and key-value stores but it's going to be only about key-value stores because I got more interested in trying out Redis than Neo4J. Redis Redis is a key-value store that keeps it's database in memory but it also stores it's database on disk after a predefined time and number of changes in database. By default the values are like this: 900 seconds and at least 1 change 300 seconds and at least 10 changes 60 seconds and at least 10 000 changes More on Redis can be found at their website  and if your interest to give it a quick try I suggest their online tutorial at . Important about querying This is a important detail with key-value stores. In a key-value store the data can be searched only by the key. There are solutions that enable searching by the data, like lucene or solr, but that's a whole different search engine and not the actual key-value store. It mig